Game Title: CuBeat
Game genre: Shooting Puzzle
Player(s): 1 ~ 2
Developer: Team PSC
Platform: PC
Release Date: Winter 2014

System Requirement:
    OS: Windows XP or above (Mac OSX and Linux version are also in planned.)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz or better
    RAM: 1GB or better
    Screen Resolution: 1280×720 above
    Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.0 above supported graphic card
    Control device: Mouse, keyboard. Supporting two mouses at two-player mode.


林容生 / Johnson Lin

Produce, Design, Programming

林坤葦 / Kun-Wei Lin

Game design, UI design, Scenario

游翰元 / B.c.N.y.

Character design and graphics,
Character animation,
Stage design and graphics

沈威廷 / Waiting@H&&D

Music compose

賴威毓 / Max Lai

UI programming

Special Thanks

Japanese translate: Kaori Nozawa, 莊景光
Voice Acting: Cindy Liang, 凍魂(Air-raid shelter)
Prototype Programming: 林健欣
Prototype Character design and graphics: 林友仁
Prototype AI survey: 邱正忠
Prototype Sound Effects: 林子安