Game Features

■Shoot & Clear!

CuBeat is an action-puzzle game you've never seen.
You don't need to place the cubes; you just shoot the cubes you don't want!

■Non-Stop & Speedy!

This game is not turn-based! Keep your eyes on the stage and make real-time chains to attack your opponent!

■Defense & Attack!

Even when your grid is filled by cubes, you still have chances to fight back!
Moreover, don't just shoot your own cubes. Why not aim at your opponent's cubes and ....

Game Modes

■Story Mode

Many mysterious cubes dropped out of the sky at the peaceful "Flying Whale High School" all of a sudden.
A few students who were hit by the cubes accidentally got the power to control the cubes!
With various people who have different objectives, the game "CuBeat" has begun!

■Versus Mode

Connect another USB mouse to the same computer to engage multiplayer with your friends!
Let's see who's the best at CuBeat!

■Challenge Mode

There are also a "High Score Mode", a mind-twisting "Puzzle Mode", and a very heated "Emergency Mode", offering you different aspects of the gameplay.